Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fathers Day Card

Hi Stampers, I am back again with another card, this one I have made for my hubby. I got this design off Wendy's blog. It is a three fold card that has been cut off on an angle up the top.

You could make it any size you like, Wendy's was a bit more squarer but I wanted mine to fit into a regular envelope so I made it the same size as a regular card then cut the top off on the angle that I liked.

I really like this design so I think I will be using it again. Thank you Wendy for the inspiration and thanks to all who have stopped by, until next time happy stamping.

Sketches: Creatively Yours #812

Hi All, I am a bit late posting the card I made for this months Sketches: Creatively Yours challenge but better late than never... As always there are some great cards made by the S:CY DT using the current layout so make sure you pop on over and have a look. As always, thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Freshly Made Sketches #47 + Winter Wonderland (Photo Inspiration)

Hi Stampers, I am adding to my Christmas collection today. For this card I have chosen the current Freshly Made Sketch for my design and Winter Wonderland photo inspiration for colour. I love using shiny gold card but as I don't buy it too often I tend to keep it for 'a rainy day' and not use it up....I know....we shouldn't hoard things which is why I have used it today. As always, thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, August 04, 2012

My new Craft Room - Part 1

Well it is finally happening!! I never thought this day would actually happen but it is!! My hubby is getting a new shed which means I am getting a craft room...yippee!! 
The deal was we would build a 3 or 4 bay shed (depending on what we could afford) and I would get 1 bay to be turned into a craft room. At the moment in my current craft room, there are 3 people with 4 computers, my full time job that needs an office for admin duties at times plus my craft stuff. My desk is work Monday to Friday which I then pack up so I can spread my craft stuff out so I can 'play' on the weekend. All this is in the smallest bedroom in the house!! As you can tell, something has to give and finally my/our dream is happening. Below is a picture of the form work for the concrete slab to be poured. In the picture you can see a garden shed, that is actually our neighbours shed but that is exactly what we have had too so needless to say, my hubby is just as excited to get his space as I am to get mine.

And for all the planning you can't control the weather!! We planned on building the shed at this time of year because it doesn't rain....but guess rained...lots!!! They had to pour the concrete in between rain and luckily they were successful. 

The shed has arrived...woohoo!! To be honest, can't see what cost so much money when you look at that little pile of metal.....

But the shed builders didn't waste any time erecting it. You can see my sliding door and windows, this is my end of the shed. Notice the neighbours shed to ours....

In less than a week, we have our shed!! Now the fun begins, turning my bay into a craft room.

This is a shot of the layout for my room. We were able to pick up some second hand office furniture that does not look second hand and a lot cheaper than brand new stuff. I got a quote for less furniture pieces than what we bought and it came to $5000!! We picked up this furniture with a boardroom table (for when my friends come to play) and 6 chairs that weren't factored into the original quote for $1200!! 

Now I know a lot of you will be thinking it's 'just a shed' but it won't be for much longer....

My Dad is a carpenter, now this can be a good thing but then it can be quite frustrating because it is usually very hard to get him to do anything but amazingly he was up here within days and had built the frame work for my room.

Here is my good husband insulating my walls so that it won't be too hot in there during summer because we live in the tropics and it gets really hot here when summer is in full swing. I even have an air conditioner going in, that are the big black pipes hanging out of the wall behind him.

This is what it looks like right at this minute, the plasterers came this week and have sealed the walls, it now looks like a room but not just any room, it is my Craft Room....woohoo!! I am soooo excited, can you tell?? ;-) .
Right now I am picking paint colours and flooring. One of things I am really enjoying is the fact that I can pick and choose the things I want and I don't have to consult with anyone else if I don't want to, how cool is that, I have never done that before. When it is all finished, I will post Part 2. I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far of the making of my room and I hope you come back to see the finished product. Until then, happy crafting.

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