Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday #316

Wow! I can't believe a week has gone already and it's Wednesday again....where do the days go when you're having fun?? I know today didn't go as planned that's for sure but I made it out to my Craft Room so that's the main thing. My story started yesterday...I went to the doctor for one of those horrible 'womens' check ups as the reminder has been on the fridge for a couple of months but just hadn't got around to making the appointment. Well now that I'm a lady of leisure which becomes official on Friday...bring on Friday...I thought I should make a concerted effort to tick this off the list of things to do. So yesterday, I toddled off to the doctors and she snavveled me for some more tests..quote 'you are 50 this year and that's when things start to go wrong' unquote. So she asked me to go and get a blood test...not a problem. My plan was to go down early, then grab a few groceries and be home by 10.30am to hit my craft desk and whip up a stamping storm. The thing is, apparently she wanted me to redo a Diabetes test (which I didn't realise) and that takes 2 hours and 3 needle jabs not 1!!!! Not happy and then next week she wants me for an hour to a health check...whatever that entails I don't really know but I guess I'll be finding out.

 Anyhoo, back to why we are here. This was my desk this afternoon. I hit the Christmas challenge blogs looking for inspiration, pulled out my two Christmas tubs, one with stamps and bling, the other with Christmas papers.

 I actually stepped out of my comfort zone and did 'cute'...I struggle with cute but anyway I got there in the end, link here.
Now if you're wondering why I'm waffling on about my Wednesday and what's on my desk, pop on over to Julia's blog via here and she'll explain it all and if you're interested, play along and check out some of the craft desks from around the world.


  1. Unemployed lady = time to play in your craft room...yippe, nice to see you other than on Saturdays Vikki...

  2. Goodness me, what a thing to loo forward to when we reach 50...things going wrong, lol. I have a few years left before bits drop off then. Hope all your tests go well. It sounds like a case of when they get their hooks into you, they don't let go!!!!
    At least you've managed to relax with some crafting.
    Hugs Lisax #23

  3. So sorry to hear about all the medical stuff you are experiencing. can't wait to see all your Christmas makes. Peg R 26

  4. Well loving the look of your desk and yay! you'll soon have more time to 'play'...sorry about the doc stuff though....I stay away from anything medical as much as I can, lol hugs Carole Z X

  5. Ooooh I hate doctors/nurses and needle. I have one of those letters as well. Apparently now i'm over 40 I need a check up. Nothing like telling me i'm getting old and falling apart lol :) #27

  6. Great desk today. Clicked on the link and viewed the completed card although i am not ready to even begin thinking about the C word yet. I do understand what you mean about the doctor appointment. I put off going and now have like 5 tests he wants me to do, the awful colonoscopy being one of them. Diane #43

  7. I think you should tell your doctor that things go wrong at 50 because that's when they start looking for it, right? Yeah, I guess my logic isn't sound. Good for you for doing it though. And good for you for starting to play with the Christmas stuff. Judy #50

  8. I really enjoyed visiting your space and looking at your cards. Can you believe most of my Christmas ones are finished. I hope all goes well with your medical stuff next week. Barb #33


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