Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday #315

Hello All, well I'm not normally at my desk through the week as I work full time but after a major announcement by the company I work for on Monday, I am now unemployed! They have had a restructure of territories and my position is going to be serviced from the state capital city and as I don't want to move with the position they have made me redundant. Now most people would be upset by this but I'm actually not due to major changes made in February, since then work has not been 'fun' at all so I was actually looking for another job anyway, so this is a nice going away present. 
<big smiles>
I will also be having a rather large holiday as we have already booked a holiday to Europe in August so I'm not going to actively look for a job until after we come back...the upside of that is I get to play in my craft room a lot more than I have been able to since it was built!! woohoo!! happy dance!!

 Anyway, back to why I'm posting pictures of my desk...if you pop on over to Julia's blog she'll tell you all about it and maybe you would like to play along. It has been a long time since I have been able to play and post a picture or two or three of my desk but this is hopefully the first of many more to come at least until I go on holidays. <grin>
The first pic is of my new stamps & embossing folders that I need to find a home for because I don't get much time to actually stamp, filing and sorting is the not high on the list even though it has been irking me for a while, so that was my first job this morning. The above photo is the first card I made today very CAS as you can see but I was able to use a new die that hadn't been used yet so I'm very happy.

 Now my last photo is my day in full swing! There is stuff everywhere as you can see, I'm not normally that messy so I just had to take a photo of my desk as it was by the end of my Wednesday. I have made this card for the staff at a motel that I have stayed at when I was in Cairns over the last 7 years as they have actually become friends. I don't really 'do' thank you cards but over the next week or so I am going to make a few for those special clients I have had. If you would like to see the end result, come back a bit later and I should have it posted. Until then, thank you for popping by and checking out my desk, I am off to see what the other desks around the world look like.


  1. Happy WOYWW Vicki, so glad you are having some time to play and join in with this desk snooping fun. Your thank you card is looking really nice. Have fun, RobynO#16

  2. Oooh...and those of us working fulltime are very envious of all that wonderful craft and vacation time you're going to have! What a wonderful break from everything. Enjoy, and I hope your eventual job search has the perfect position waiting for you. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #43

  3. Im not sure you work in what I would call a mess, but I recognise full swing and I love that you're there! Blimey, the company didn't hang about or give you notice, huh! Am glad it has worked out for you, very jealous that you can take a few weeks as a breather...and I recomend a tour of Europe, I mean...its just the thing to set you up for a new job! We need to hear more of your plans!

  4. I totally understand the not visiting the desk much during the week because of working full time. I'm glad to hear that losing your job isn't getting you down and in fact look at all this play time you've got coming now. I really like your simple balloon card as it speaks volumes. Your other card is quite nice too. Thanks for the visit earlier. Judy #55


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