Sunday, June 21, 2015

5 in 5 - June 2015

 This is my first time playing along with Sandie and her 5 in 5 monthly photos. As it's late in the month and I only have a few days before it closes until next month, I thought I would take you on a tour around my yard.
 I live in tropical North Queensland, Australia where it is pretty much summer all year round and we live on a very large house block with lots of space, gardens and yard. Being that we live in tropical Australia, there are hundreds and I mean hundreds of palm trees in our yard. We have that many that we have probably taken out over 100 palm trees and I'm not exaggerating.
 Even though we don't really have a winter, this is technically our winter right now and to highlight that, you can see in this pic where our 'Snowflake' is in flower and it only flowers in the 'winter' time. I just love this bush, it is so soft and delicate when it's 'flowering'. It doesn't really flower, the new leaves just come through white and as they die off they turn a shade of pink.

 This photo is of a new addition to our yard...our passionfruit vines. We actually planted two varieties, the yellow and the purple passionfruit. We tried once before several years ago in a different spot but it mustn't of liked where it was and died. So this time we have put it in another area of the yard and it is thriving. It grew very fast but took a while to actually fruit. Hubby thought maybe there weren't enough bees around (apparently there is a world shortage) so he has taken to pollinating the flowers and as you can see in this pic, we have fruit and this is just a small part of a bumper crop that we are eagerly awaiting to ripen.

 And last but not trusty companion, Ozzie,  he's been following me around the yard wondering what I am doing while he takes in some rays. I'm actually not a big 'dog person', I'm more of a 'cat person' but I just love this little fellow perhaps because he is small. I actually saw on the internet recently a joke saying something to the effect, if you have teenagers get a pet at least then someone will be happy to see you when you get home and that is soooo true in this house. LOL Thanks for letting me play along and thank you for popping in and checking out my little part of the world.

              5 in 5 - June 2015 


  1. Love the photographic tour of 'your place' in the tropics...a featuring Ozzie

  2. Welcome to 5 in 5 Vikki, it is so good to have you take part!! I loved this look around your garden, it certainly sounds amazing both in size and number of palms. I am assuming that a tropical garden also invites wonderful butterflies and birds, or perhaps I am mistaken. Yes we have a shortage of bees too - we need to do all we can to protect and increase the number. It sounds like you are doing your bit. I hope you will come back next month and share a bit more from your part of the world.

  3. Great post Vikki. Congratulate your hubby on his passionfruit...they look like they will be delicious. Ozzie is so handsome!


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