Saturday, September 08, 2012

My New Craft Room Part 2

As I promised, I am back with photos of my new craft room!! If you remember, this room is actually inside our new shed. I get 1/3 & my hubby got 2/3's. I cannot believe I actually have my very own space...I am sooooo lucky!! I also want to thank all the talented men who have made my room a reality especially my husband & my Dad. My Dad built the wall frames then called in all his tradie mates to do their thing and my cousin gave up a couple of Saturdays to put my air conditioner in then when it was all finished my awesome hubby laid the flooring which I think is absolutely amazing!! I am even lucky enough to have room for a big board room table for when my friends come over for a play day which will happen in the not too distant future.

And here is my workstation.....I actually have two!!! I also have a great cupboard to put all my stuff in and when I am finished I can just close the door so you can't see it!!! To give you an idea of why I am so excited about hiding my stuff here is a pic of my old stamping space below...looks more like a bomb has hit the desk than a creative space.

Obviously I need to still decorate my room and I have some ideas for my 'feature wall' but here is my first bit of decorating. I picked up these little card holders in Target a few months ago and after my hubby put them up for me the first cards to go on them are from my good friend Robyn who is in Western Australia for a couple of years. She sends me a card each month to say 'hello' so needless to say they were the first cards to go up. (Miss you Rob)

Well that's about it, thank you for stopping by and thank you to all the ladies out there that posted pics of their craft space as it really helps you to get some good ideas of what you might want in your room, hopefully there might be something here that will help another crafter out there when planning their craft room. Well, I am off to make a card, hope you are having an awesome creative day....until next time....happy stamping!!


  1. Oh my Goodness Vikki, this is amazing... you lucky thing!
    I have to tip-toe over the rubbish and boxes of things on my floor and try to find things among heaps of 'stuff' in my craft room and I generally work within about a 6" square space!
    Note to self... must have a tidy up!

  2. GREEN....that's me, it all looks fabulous can't wait to see it...mmm whenever that maybe??!!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on my way! This is such a fabulous space and how lucky are you? I would LOVE a space like this and air conditioned too - perfect. That's where I'll be if anyone wants me ......



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