Sunday, February 02, 2014

Our Beautiful World: Week 31 - FRESH

Hello! I came across your blog last week and loved what I saw....everyone's photos were amazing and even though I think I am really out of my league here, I would love to join in anyway! Maybe I will learn some things along the way as to how to take an awesome photo...
We actually do a similar thing within our extended family where we have a theme for the month. Parents and children enter a photo of the current theme then we all have a vote to find the favourite one. We have been doing this for nearly 2 years...which I can't believe....but I think it is starting to fizzle out, so when I saw your blog, I thought it was perfect timing.
I live in northern Australia where we don't really have a is summer pretty much 10 months of the year, we usually get a wet season instead which is at the height of summer. Only this week we were threatened by a Cyclone (Hurricane). It was looking like hitting our city directly but in the last few hours before it reached land it swung south and hit near a smaller town. Luckily for all it wasn't a very destructive cyclone so even though it was very windy it didn't cause a lot of damage. We got some rain out of it, which we need desperately but not as much as we would have liked. The majority of it's rain went inland to the farmers & graziers who are in a drought so hopefully it will help them out instead.
I just saw that this weeks post was closing in 3 hours so I rushed out to my garden to see what I could find that would be classed as 'FRESH'. Needless to say, I was amazed to find these flowers after the windy week we have had and the fact that this is the first time this plant has flowered. It is a large Yucca plant that is in my back garden and we had rain last night so there is still some moisture left on them which always makes the photo look that bit better (in my opinion, anyway). I am not sure I will be able to join in next week as I work away a lot and tomorrow I fly off to Cairns for 3 days before flying to Brisbane for a meeting before flying home Thursday life in a I hope to be back next week, thanks for stopping by...and make sure you check out the other great photos at Our Beautiful World here.


  1. Nice pic Vikki, those Yuccas are amazing never thought they flower till I saw some at my sisters in Gynpie recently...real waxy looking.

  2. Wow I never knew Yucca's flowered! We have one in our garden but I guess here in the UK it's too cold..or it's the wrong sex! It's a very large plant anyway! Love your photo, Carole Z X


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