Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Beautiful World - Soft

This photo was taken last 'winter'. We don't really have a winter in Northern Australia but this beautiful plant although quite plain 10 or so months of the year 'flowers' during the cooler months. We call it a Snowflake (and it definitely doesn't snow here), I don't actually know it's proper name. The flowers are really just new leaves that emerge white and they are lovely and soft. As time passes they lose their bright white colour and start to turn a pinkish colour as they are dying off. When it has finished flowering we cut it right back and as it regrows it thickens up and is just a plain looking plant again for the majority of the year.
  This is what it looks like right now but in a few months it will start to flower and turn into a beautiful mass of white. I'm posting these photos because over at Our Beautiful World  this weeks theme is SOFT.  Thanks for popping in and make sure you check out the other great photos over on Our Beautiful World.


  1. Oh how I wish we didn't have winter here in the UK, it's one season I would happily do without! Love the photos and insight into the does look very tactile when the leaves are white, Carole Z X

  2. What a beautiful plant - it really does look 'snowy' and delicate - great choice of plant for this weeks word! I find lilac is similar - totally nondescript and plain for most of the year and then fabulous flowers and scent for about 4 weeks at most - very worth it though!

  3. What a stunning display on that bush! Thanks so much for sharing at Our Beautiful World!!

  4. Hi Vikki,

    What a beautiful, delicate looking bush and perfectly named; it really looks like a cluster of snowflakes, frozen in mid air!


  5. Hi Vikki, yes those bushes are lovely and the flowersand make a soft and delicate show.

  6. So beautiful, thanks for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!

  7. Oh Vikki, this looks like a blooming carpet, so beautiful, love your photos.


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