Sunday, February 03, 2013

You are 5!!

I was surfing this morning and I came across Christina's birthday card she had made and I loved it!!  Make sure you check it out here. It is so hard (well I find it hard) to make kids cards and I just loved the simplicity of this card that I just had to make one. I must admit I struggled with all the pink..and am still I keep telling myself my niece will love it and that is what counts the most. I cannot believe our little Kacee Grace is 5 this month and this means she is starting school..where have the years gone?? I know where they have gone for me because not long after she was born I started working full time!! But I also know her mother is looking forward to school as Kacee can be a bit of a terror (like her mother but we all just love her to bits anyway.
I also have a confession to wasn't until I went to post my card that I had this doubt about her age so I had to stop and ask my daughter how old she is this year (sadly forgetfulness is showing my which she promptly told me 5!! ooops...I had made a 4 card but the beauty of this card was pull the panel apart and move the contrasting card across to 5!! Fixed!! <grin> Another confession I have to make too is that even though it is a simple card hubby & I spent an hour working out sizing and position of the numbers on my Cricut because sadly there are long gaps in between using it and I don't have the patience to read directions hence the hubbys help. lol!!
Once the numbers were done...simple as. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope your week goes well. Until next time, happy stamping.


  1. Kacee will love your special pink card, Vikki - well done with the circut - it's so effective

  2. Vikki, I'm so glad you were inspired by my card! Yours looks fabulous in pink with the girly embellishments! I hear you on trying to figure out the electronic die cutting--I hardly ever use my Cameo and have to remember how to use it when I do!


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