Monday, October 01, 2012

Mojo #260

Hi Bloggers, this is my last post for a few is school holidays here in North Queensland so we are off for a few days to do something together as a family. I wasn't going to do this weeks Mojo Monday but I changed my mind at the last women are allowed to do...<grin>...what changed my mind was, yesterday DH was helping me sort out my Cricut as it hadn't been cutting properly and after we had it right he tested it by cutting out this cute little bird. When that was cut out beautifully, I got him to cut me out a couple of leaves to match and voila!! I had the basis for a card!! Isn't it funny how the little things get you motivated to create...LOL...
Anyway, here I am posting my Mojo in the dying minutes of the challenge so I had better stop yapping and post it then go and start packing, nothing like leaving things to the last minute, especially when you're on holidays, no need to rush...<grin> Have a great week, thanks for stopping by and until next time, happy stamping!!

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