Saturday, August 02, 2014

Our Beautiful World - Time

 Hi All, this weeks theme at Our Beautiful World is TIME...this is a photo of the Town Clock in my city. The dome on top was removed in WW2 so it wouldn't get destroyed if we were bombed and then put back after the war. Another way of showing time is the fact that this building was our Town Post Office until the last decade or so and is now a Boutique Brewery and Restaurant.

This clock is in Venice, it is an amazing clock that shows you the time, date and horoscope sign. What amazed us the most is how old it is and the fact that it shows you all that information.

 Another shot of a clock but this one is actually a mime artist (not sure of that is what you call them) and not a statue.
 Another way to reflect time is the phases of the moon which this artwork/sculpture in Munich is displaying.


 And last but not least...time is shown by aging which this truck has definitely done. It might not be shiny and new anymore but it still presents a lot of character.
Make sure you pop on over to Our Beautiful World and check out the other posts about time or even join in.


  1. Great TIME photos Vikki, thanks for sharing them with Our Beautiful World - that sure is an amazing clock in Venice.

  2. Wow Vikki! terrific photos this week ... I just love the clock with the horoscope on ... Thanks so much for playing along with us at Our Beautiful World ... Have a great weekend!

  3. Love to see all the different designs of the clocks, yours is also so beautiful
    thanks for sharing at "OBW"


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