Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Birthday....distress inks

Well I'm on a bit of a roll today considering I started off with no real mojo at all...I actually have to thank my friend Robyn for that, she has kept me going today. I am actually in a much better frame of mind this afternoon from when I sat down this morning. Thanks Robyn! The last couple of weeks I have wanted to play with my distress inks but haven't got around to it but after checking out Sketchbook Saturday earlier, I really got a push along that path...thanks Chupa...and Therese too who inspired Chupa. In saying that, my card was going to be 'female' but the colours pushed me towards a 'male' card so my layout isn't really like Chupa's sketch, only vaguely. Oh well, that happens sometimes anyway, thanks for stopping in.

Sketchbook Saturday: #103

 especially for you

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