Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sketchbook Saturday #85

Hello my blogger are your Christmas preparations going? I am pretty much organised, so much so I spent most of yesterday just surfing the blogs of some of the talented ladies out there...I NEVER get time to do that so needless to say I had some serious fun yesterday. LOL!! it's funny what makes a person happy!!  Anyway, I visited Christina's blog where she gave a tutorial on making tattered flowers so I gave it a go and here are a couple I made that I have put on my latest card. So, back to my card...this design is over on Sketchbook Saturday, pop on over and check it out...I actually flipped my card because I didn't want to cover up my embossed flower and the lovely circle die is courtesy of my good friend Robyn who is travelling across the bottom of Australia at the moment as she & her hubby make their way back to Queensland....yippee.... not quite back to Townsville but close enough that we should get to see each other a bit more. Every month Robyn sends me a card to say 'hello' and this months card had some little die cuts in it for me, thank you Rob. Well, I will stop 'talking' now, as always thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh wow really nice cards, your flowers. At my mum's now, will give you a call on the weekend.

  2. How nice of your friend to send you cards regularly! You used that die cut perfectly, love the embossing too!


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